Buy your ISIAGU Igbo outfits from Grailpeak world, become the best of who you are. Wear the best of Men’s clothes. And experience uniqueness.

This ISIAGU Igbo Outfits are ultra modern outfits that are very common in West Africa, Nigeria.

They are quality outfits, made  from super wax cotton.  They are usually worn on special occasions to show respect and fame.

The reason why the outfits  bear the ‌name ISIAGU is because of the image of the lion’s head designed ‏all over the material.

The image of the lion’s head on the material shows that the outfit is unique and has quality

In most West African traditions, ISIAGU (lion’s head) is a symbol of strength, greatness, achievement, respect, fame, and all other attributes of a lion.

As such this outfit is worn by individuals who happen to be in the category of the people mentioned above.

Kings, traditional rulers, government officials, king makers etc, are the people found in this category .


The ISIAGU  Igbo Outfit is also worn by individuals who love fashion, respect, recognise and observe tradition and culture.

These individuals are called the true sons and daughters of the land. This is because they appreciate the efforts of the ancient great men of the society.

The outfit is used for special occasions. And this Special occasions can be wedding ceremonies, and all other traditional kind of special event.

The reason why it is used for such special occasions is because, its is unique and has a special symbol.

Our special ISIAGU African Igbo attire is exactly as it appears in the picture. We have all the sizes in stock for your different styles.

The hat, fan and beads are priced differently and are available on request.

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When you request for a particular style, it takes two weeks to be delivered in your location.

We have friendly shipping prices and our delivery service is fast and reliable world wide.



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