About Grailpeak World.



It was 2003 after a comprehensive research on practicable ways of uplifting the standard of living of the poor that GrailPeak World was registered.  As well as the less privileged in the world.

At GrailPeak World, we aim to educate prospective partners-to-be on various ways they can meet up with their economic needs. As can they use whatever resources available to them, in terms of values to serve others honestly and profitably.

We envisage working with spiritual minded people, although, all human being are naturally spiritual. This is to help close this yawning gulf between the rich and the poor masses of the rapidly developing world.

It is not always about the money, it is sometimes about recognizing the humanity in all of us irrespective of our color, race or creed.

As long as there is single human being out there emotionally disturbed due to neglect and lack of human basic needs, the world and all things in existence is affected in one way or the other.

Interdependence of all the degrees of creatures in existence should and must be recognized in our egoistic capitalist world… Otherwise, nature will continue to bring us calamities in response.

Love of Others attempts to reconcile mankind with the Source of all things. So as to drag humanity back to the essence and Purpose of  the human Society. 

Our publication department is a blessing to anyone who is opportune to peep at the contents. At GRAILPEAK we strive to give voice to the plight of the poor.

Here, we are talking about those who are poor materially and most importantly in spirit, in spite of material possessions, Mike Mbadiwe.

Poverty and ego are the sources of all violent problems of the world and so we all must fight them.  If we don’t fight these, we will be engulfed by the strife of the afflicted Mother Earth that is fast approaching.

We have a fashion store which will interest you. We deal more on the African Outfits/Styles, coupled with our Second Hand clothing Store.




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