Humanitarian Aid


As a Humanitarian aid, Grailpeak is an Intention, aiming to bring help to the very poor in the 3rd world. At Grailpeak, we believe that there cannot be peace in our world without an entire human development. A development with rightful access to human basic needs.

Humanity should come first!

We imagine a world where competition is rife to satisfy our Ego. And most importantly also, obligatory access for all citizens of this world to human basic needs. This should be irrespective of Color, Race or Religion.

The main reason is because, in the spiritual Root, there is no gender, no classifications and no Form.  We are all One, and interconnected to the grid of the Live Force that sustains Creation.

We are a Humanitarian aid, and we are set to fight for the rights of all mankind. And we fight for equitable distribution of wealth in the world. While the developed world are spending trillions of dollars exploring the space and on military inventions, more than 4 billion human beings are feeding below $1 a family per day.

See also United nations as a Humanitarian aid.

Most die of hunger every minute of the day, some eaten by vultures in areas ravaged with wars of democracy.

GRAILPEAK WORLD is born out of great need to bring to the attention of the world the consequences of this neglect, greed and egoistic selfishness. 

Grailpeak as a Humanitarian aid, is here to give voice to your suffering by publishing your personal accounts of the conditions in your life wherever you may be in the world. Send us your experience and we shall discuss it together, keep in touch and remain Conscious!


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