Humanity and Spirituality


Humanity and Spirituality being our main focus, is the reason for the introduction of  the Grailpeak Books. This is our publishing arm which is embarked on putting in writing some of these talks about faith and worship of the only True God. Social inequality, Racism, Poverty and  Terrorism are not left out. “The solution to any problem is found when the cause is established” and we will continue to provide answers to these issues. We will also discuss it with you until we are heard. Our focus is on Humanity and Spirituality.

Grailpeak offers the following titles, in process for your delight and should be in your bookshops very soon.



This title looks at immoralities of the present generation of human beings.  The way it affects sexual immorality and practices that go against the standards of God the Creator. It traces this virus through the creation of man from the beginning to the present times.  And this is caused by satanic manipulative influence on man, making man drink from the same cup that led to his downfall. It is richly a great blessing to anyone privileged to have one of these.


Spirituality: An effort to bring to the attention of the peoples of the decaying world, that True Riches is not about being as rich as Bill Gates. It is also not about having access to every frivolous vanity of this world, but about how rich one is towards the standards of God. He who is able to love his neighbor as himself irrespective of race, color or location is truly rich.  He is richer than all those individuals, corporations and countries that store in their banks, the riches of the world.  Visit our blog for more





Spiritually: This will be appreciated by those who are high enough on that spiritual ladder. Those who take the path of man’s obligatory climb towards the Light of God. Which is the light  that reveals the nature of Satan- the dragon of the old serpent called Devil. This grand Work as perceived from the Almighty will help reveal most means of satanic manipulation of our world. Thereby confirming suspicions you have concerning this influence, blazing through every aspect of human activity

A lot of people are currently in the place where many people and myself were. Until  the Light that reforms rekindled the points in the hearts of those who are now awakened.

The Book – The Nature of Satan therefore, was written as an unaware Christian. Thus, making the singular mistake of personifying Satan to be some spiritual being. A spiritual being independent of our individual and collective wickedness.

However, now that I have come to the awareness that there is no other force anywhere capable of deciding the fate of any creature, no matter the degree of earthly existence such a creature belongs to, than the force of the Source, the Creator.

For the Christians and Free Thinkers yawning for the Truth, that will help them identify the narrow road to equivalence of Form with the Spiritual World, in which our roots are anchored.

This work will prove that when you do evil, you are doevil/devil, and most importantly show us that we are Satan and angels depending on our choices.

It is indeed a book for the Christians of Africa and for the world in general. The rewriting of it has commenced, to portray what we now know as a Free Neutral/Natural Spiritual beings.

The book captured the mind and view of the author when he was religiously Christian.

However, those convictions from that religious position, that resulted in the intention and thought behind the book, have been happening in our world.

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All the events  in the world point to a preparation towards something. This thing is probably the “end” of all things in our world. Some school of thought can call it The Last Struggle and some others Globalization. Whatever you call it, understand that man is falling in line with earthly dictates of the Devil.  As any opposition to this grand plan is uprooted through brutal military force, leading to the gathering of the Generals of military armies of the world, and is what GRAILPEAK calls “THE LAST STRUGGLE”.

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