As a concept of fashion, our unique clothing offers you the most aesthetic experience. Shop for your BEST AGBADA STYLES FOR MEN,  Stop looking at numerous stores, buy from us for your convenience.

Your BEST AGBADA STYLES FOR MEN, is a classy and ultra trendy outfit.  Which is made with best fabric. It can be used for special occasions and ceremonies.

We have different styles and they are only available on request.

It is worth mentioning that the BEST AGBADA STYLES FOR MEN for men is not exclusive to the Yoruba, being found in other parts of Africa as well.

It is known as mbubb (French, boubou) among the Wolof of Senegambia. Also known as riga among the Hausa and Fulani of the West African savannah from whom the Yoruba adopted it.

The general consensus among scholars is that the attire originated in the Middle East. And it was introduced to Africa by the Berber and Arab merchants from the Maghreb (the Mediterranean coast) and the desert Tuaregs.

This introduction happened during the trans-Saharan trade that began in the pre-Christian era and lasted until the late nineteenth century.

The AGBADA STYLES FOR MEN is made of imported European velvet and partly embroidered with glass beads. The king wears a beaded crown with a veil (ade) Instead of an ordinary hat.

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In spite of its voluminous appearance, the AGBADA is not as hot as it might seem to a non-Yoruba.

Apart from the fact that some of the fabrics may have openwork patterns , the looseness of an agbada and the frequent adjustment of its open sleeves ventilate the body.

This is particularly so when the body is in motion. Also, during a dance, when the sleeves are manipulated to emphasize body movements.

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