Human Ego Simplified

Human Ego Simplified:

We have received further thoughts, on this subject of Ego. To find little bits of answers to this question. The question of why production of goods seem not to have an end?

Why new product models and advancements prop up nearly every minute of our inventive existence?

The only answer that we figured out is the human insatiable quest to satisfy the Ego.

It grows almost endlessly without satisfaction. From one pleasure to another enjoyment, at the expense of others.

The deepest reason that one can decipher is beautifully simple, but unfortunately not everyone attain it.

This reason is so interwoven with human nature. This has to do with the truth that human ego receives enjoyment/pleasure that it craves.

But the pleasure or enjoyment extinguishes after some little while.

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Then the Ego looks for or craves another kind of pleasure. It receives such and just like always the pleasure extinguishes.

The cycle continues till such a Soul realizes that only true Love for the good of others can Satisfy, not self-love(Ego).

However also, without probably knowing that nothing in the imagination of man can suppress or destroy the Ego.

It is embedded in us naturally, predetermined if you like.


Destruction of the other degrees of existence under the Human Speaking Level ignorantly.

Disregarding the natural fact that their good Health is also our Health and survival on the earth.

In conclusion:

The Intention behind this thought, is to see that everyone is able to satisfy that part of human Ego that craves for clarity in understanding.

This is in order to cover our nakedness/ignorance, thereby cutting excessive productions that end up affecting our Environment.

Which also houses those degrees of existence under our insatiable human speaking level.

Their pains and pleas to Nature for help is capable of destroying mankind to repair the Earth for them.

Some obvious examples are the current Corona virus, floods, Tsunamis. And also locusts invasions.

Such acts of Nature is capable of cutting the oxygen production of the Vegetative Degree of existence…

The consequence are inconceivable but real. Ponder on this and scrutinize it.

We see you on the other side.

Mike Mbadiwe

To be continued…

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