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Why should I buy from a second hand clothing online and pay for delivery?

The answer is ‘Love of others’. 

This Love is above reason, but if we need reasons, one of them should be human interdependence with one and another.

And most importantly our interdependence with the other degrees of creation, like the animals, and our Earthly environment. Interestingly, the young people of this generation are so intelligent and environmental friendly.

To the extent that most of them go now for vintage clothing. Such as were used by their grand parents. 

We usually ask them why?

99% of them tell us the same things. That people suffer around the world uninterrupted and unending hours of time, energy and hardships to produce them for us. That they feel guilty for their plights because of human beings egoistic desires for constant evolution in the fashion and other industries. 

Also, for the benefit of our environment. To prove this consciousness, some of the come with their own bags to avoid accepting synthetic materials. 

Therefore, it is time we started the recycling of our products and make them re-utilizable. This lessens the effects of our productions of substances that are harmful to our environment.

The survival of these other levels of existence is our human speaking level’s survival. Otherwise, the Law of Selection shall demand justice from nature. The consequences are better imagined.

Our second hand clothing shop, Outlet Paris is championing this course with the intention to bring us back to appreciating sustainable practices, and the mind-shift necessary to help us all make this all important switch.  Love of others  is the Intention!

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